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Internship @ MPL (testimonial)

May 2021
1 minute
I'm Vincent Vekemans and I'm currently in the last year of my bachelor's degree in Logistics Management at Karel de Grote Hogeschool. During the past 8 weeks, I did an internship as a forwarder at Manuport Logistics (or short MPL) in Antwerp. I can say that this was an unforgettable experience and that I learned a lot of new skills.


When I first entered the MPL building for the interview, I felt the warm and welcoming atmosphere that defines the MPL family. All coworkers made sure that I felt at home. Everyone was very social and kind. MPL even organized a COVID-friendly lunch for all interns and a few coworkers.

During the first few days, I got to observe and analyse the workflow of a forwarder. Together with the other interns, we have followed a short course on the company's system LQS. Shortly after, I got the opportunity to prepare files for customers and communicate with them. After only three weeks, I was functioning on my own, with the necessary support from my mentor.

During those 8 weeks, I learned a lot about forwarding. Besides developing hard skills, I also got to work on my soft skills. At the end of my internship, I was able to communicate independently with customers and I could plan my own transport.

My personal and professional development is all thanks to the autonomy and opportunities that MPL offered me. They supported me better than I ever could imagine. If you are looking for an internship company that creates opportunities, supports you to develop yourself, and leaves you free to challenge yourself and others within the working environment, Manuport Logistics is definitely the company to go.

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