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Feb 2021
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Manuport Logistics (MPL) decided to open a new office in St. Petersburg, this in order to provide an even better and more efficient service to our clients.

As from January MPL officially has its own Russian entity: Manuport Logistics OOO. Gert Verlinden, the brand-new Managing Director, has more than a decade of experience in the region where he also met his wife. He will work, together with his team on expanding the MPL activities on Russian soil.


“Russia is not a new market for Manuport Logistics” explains Gert Verlinden. “MPL grew organically with its clients, and from now on we can offer these clients instead of a ‘to port’ a ‘door delivered' or 'collect’ service.”

"In the first phase, the focus will be on the existing flows that we have today, and to develop the MPL’s main commodities in Russia. During this first phase St. Petersburg will be the main entry gate. Other Russian ports will be handled by our agents.” adds Gert Verlinden.

Ken Joris, CCO at Manuport Logistics explains that the start of MPL Russia was quite unusual: “The establishment of our Russian entity was done exceptionally at the Russian embassy as we could not travel due to Covid-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, the Russian administration proved to be working well as the process went rather smoothly.”


BE Different – BE MPL


If you have any questions regarding our newest office in Russia please contact us:


Gert Verlinden, Managing Director Russia

+7 921 994 23 31

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