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Manuport Logistics expands in Spain

Apr 2023
1 minute
After the successful establishment of Manuport Logistics Spain in February 2021, Manuport Road Transport (MRT) was launched in January 2023 by a team of experienced professionals. Our new team of road transport experts will be supported by more than 35 colleagues based at the headquarters in Belgium. This launch follows the integration of Continental Worldwide Logistics and Grupo Fleteval in February 2022.


MRT has a clear focus on international transport and provides services to different Manuport Logistics customers with needs in the field of road transport. Additionally, it generates its own business through its commercial team and its network of partners and agents in other countries. MRT always selects the most suitable solution for each challenge to satisfy every client's needs.


"Our knowledge of the Spanish market, ability to adapt, and personalized service are our greatest assets. We offer stable and competitive rates despite market volatility and cover all cargo and traffic volumes across Europe, Western Asia, Central Asia, and Morocco. We provide solutions for all types of cargo, including hazardous, full truckload, reefer, and oversized cargo. Our main quality is organizing any type of transport for our clients, making us different," says José Antonio Córdoba, Director of Road Transport.


The MRT Spain headquarters is located in Paterna, Valencia. The new facility has been upgraded with every convenience required to accommodate the present and future Manuport Road Transport team, which will undoubtedly grow in the coming years.


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