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Manuport Logistics insources customs services

Nov 2020
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Customs have always played a key role in international trade. It requires a specific skill set and know-how. Manuport Logistics has decided to in-source this know-how, by taking over its sister company Fast Customs. Fast Customs has been part of the Euroports Group until now. The integration is again a step forward in providing top quality “one-stop shop” supply chain services to the customers. As from October 01, Fast Customs will operate under the wings of Manuport Logistics and its management. Fast Customs was founded in 1995 and provides specialized customs services to the terminals of the Euroports group, Manuport Logistics and directly to third parties. It is the Manuport group's ambition to further professionalize and expand this activity, first nationally and later internationally. The specialized teams of Fast Customs, located on the Left and Right Bank in Antwerp, consist of 12 people. Besides import, export & transit handling, Fast Customs also organizes fiscal representation, inspections, cargo checks, surveys, customs advise, etc.

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