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Manuport Logistics partners with Logit One

Apr 2020
2 minutes
By launching an end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility project in partnership with Logit One, Manuport Logistics proves its ambition to offer excellent customer service by proactive management of shipments and continuous performance benchmarking.


Offering a proactive service with high-quality data


End-to-end supply chain visibility and reliable freight schedule information is certainly one of the main challenges in the logistics industry nowadays. MPL customers often have a blind spot when it comes to the exact timings and reliable predictions of their shipments’ ETA. “As a result, they can only be reactive in case of delays,” says Tijs Grootjans, Digital Transformation Manager at MPL. “Timely shipments can be crucial for business continuity so there is a need to control and to manage exceptions more proactively.” Freight forwarding is about excellent customer service, and MPL invests in digital tools that support this ambition.


Single source of truth & business intelligence


Logit One and MPL fine-tuned the visibility service to MPL’s requirements and implemented a service level agreement that focuses on data quality. What resulted is a ‘single source of truth’ by combining multiple data sources, analyzing them critically in real-time and applying algorithms to create reliable insights. Based on this, MPL can configure which updates they want to receive. Accurate shipment information is shared automatically with the MPL’s ERP and operational data is gathered for performance profiling and other forms of business intelligence.


Resulting in excellent customer service


Having integrated Logit One’s track & trace capabilities within its ERP package, MPL is now able to offer its customers a track and trace solution for sea shipments. The main benefit does not concern the exact position of the shipment but lays in knowing the continuously updated and accurate time of arrival of the cargo. In case of late arrivals, alternative replenishment can be arranged, or one can request the shipping lines to work with alternative feeders in the transshipment port, as a possible solution. MPL wants to take its customer service to the next level, finetuning its digital solutions mutually. Customers can decide when and about which shipments they will be informed, defining track & trace parameters together. “Thanks to these new data on timeliness of shipments, we are also able to set benchmarks and elaborate carrier performance reports in order to improve shipment performance continuously,” says Tijs Grootjans.


The future: Be data driven in partnership with Logit One


The Track & Trace solution is one of the main digital developments within MPL that will be rolled out over its customers. Based upon their feedback, Logit One & MPL will continue to finetune the solution in order to increase the added value and become truly data driven. Different approach, creative thinking!


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