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Manuport Logistics strengthens their presence in Rotterdam with the acquisition of Dynasty Shipping Europe

Oct 2023
1 minute
Rotterdam, 09/10/2023 - Manuport Logistics (MPL) proudly announces the acquisition of Dynasty Shipping Europe, effective immediately. With this strategic move, MPL is strengthening its presence in Rotterdam, expanding its team from 5 to 13 dedicated professionals, and significantly expanding its service portfolio.

Dynasty Shipping Europe, known for its diverse logistics services in project cargo, sea, air, road and rail freight, is seamlessly aligned with Manuport Logistics' commitment to excellence. This acquisition is a pivotal step in realizing MPL's global development strategy, characterized by an expanding international office network.

Guy Pasmans, CEO of Manuport Logistics, emphasizes the importance of cherishing and nurturing Dynasty's longstanding relationships with local customers and partners: "Our primary objective is to continue the legacy of Dynasty's exceptional local relationships. We consider this integration as a familial union in the Netherlands.”

Jeroen Burggraaf, General Manager at Dynasty Shipping Europe, underscores the synergy between the two entities: "Our decision to enter into this partnership with MPL was driven by our shared vision and philosophy, making it a natural progression for us."

Maarten Snijders, Commercial Manager, adds: "The success of this partnership hinges on retaining our dedicated staff, a critical component of our requirements. We are delighted to confirm that all our talented team members will remain a part of this exciting journey."

The integration and further expansion of Manuport Logistics Netherlands will be a collaborative effort between the local MPL team and the head office in Antwerp. The existing local management will remain, ensuring a seamless transition and uninterrupted commitment to our customers.

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