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Manuport Logistics wins Employer of the Year award by Transport & Logistics

May 2022
2 minutes
We’re thrilled to let you know that Manuport Logistics (MPL) had the honor to receive the Employer of The Year Award. Do you want to know how we won this award? Discover it below!

About the MPL company culture

Building a great team culture doesn't come overnight and comes from numerous day-to-day actions in which every team member contributes. As a service provider, our people are our greatest asset. We, therefore, feel it is extremely important that our people feel appreciated and are able to use their talents to the best of their abilities. In doing so, we always try to have an eye for the individual situation of each colleague. The CEO knows you by name, and your team leader is happy to congratulate your son on his first communion. You have the family approach of an SME but in a vibrant, international, fast-growing company. In fact, the best of both worlds. 

Manuport Logistics' slogan is "Be Different, Be MPL." We think it is important that everyone is given the space to be themselves. Being "different" has anything but negative connotations for us. Our organization is a mishmash of personalities, but they all have the same drive and dynamism that characterizes us as MPL. We have no Kafkaesque situations or unwieldy policies. Procedures are fast, flexible and tailor-made. Business decisions are also taken very quickly. This is partly made possible by the flat and informal company structure. This means that even if you don't fit into a pigeonhole, your talent will still do us full justice.

About our ‘Stay Positive & Covid Negative’ project

When covid started, we as a company acted quickly. We rapidly switched to structural work from home and immediately started updating our office, we installed automatic doors, disinfection stations, and safety screens and we provided mouth masks and wipes). This allowed us to welcome our colleagues back into our office as soon as the government allowed it. But not every colleague felt the same needs. There were colleagues who wanted to put safety first, while others found that psychosocial well-being was a greater priority. Finding this balance was the most important thing for us.

We certainly took into account the mental impact of the corona crisis on our employees. Working from home, losing connection with colleagues, the sometimes difficult family situation, etc. . Because we are a company that really wants to commit to its employees, we acted fast.  Examples of some of our initiatives: building an MPL Lounge and rooftop where our colleagues can have lunch (outside), organizing after-work events, meetings, a chef who cooks healthy 3 times a week, waffles on Blue Monday, MPL Hoodies, French fries in the parking lot, birthday event of our CEO, personal onboarding, Friday drinks, … During the year-end period, our team leaders even visited every team member with a gift.


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