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Manuport Logistics wins Sustainability Award Forward Belgium 

Mar 2023
1 minute
Manuport Logistics (MPL) may add the Sustainability Award of forwarders' association Forward Belgium to its record of achievements. "This is primarily a boost to take even further steps in the future," says QHSE Supervisor Tine Van Proeyen, who received the award together with Ivan Rasic, General Manager Belgium. 

In fact, MPL takes home two accolades: a gold medal for its track record in sustainability and an award for the "employee commitment" shown by the company. "Our company endorses to certain 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs) of the United Nations," said Van Proeyen, the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) Advisor at MPL. "Among other things, our deployment of electric cars and solar panels stands out. But low-threshold initiatives such as reusable glass water bottles for our employees also contribute to sustainable operations. During the annual charity action, 'De Warmste Week' we sponsor the River Cleanup, because of the link to our business activities, and projects around fighting poverty."

The sustainable nature of cooperation with customers and other external stakeholders is currently the subject of a materiality analysis. "In particular, we want to find out how the theme of sustainability is alive among our partners and examine which initiatives can have the most impact," Tine continued. "Multimodal solutions can achieve a 70 percent CO2 reduction in certain cases.

"This award is great recognition for the commitment of our employees, but also reminds us that there are still steps to be taken in the future in terms of sustainability," concludes Ivan Rasic, General Manager Belgium.

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