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Stylish and electric, Manuport Logistics drives progressive

Jul 2021
2 minutes
The dynamics of MPL are reflected in its fleet, with conscious and varied choices. Hybrid driving has been commonplace here for a long time. The next step, fully electric, is being taken in full swing. Our CEO, Guy Pasmans explains why and how.

We are a modern company in an international sector that is moving fast. That calls for a fleet of cars with guts. Cars with a powerful appearance, which our people love to drive.

The fact that MINI was soon included in the employee choice package is a result of personal experience. We have a John Cooper Works at home. My two daughters have been driving a MINI since they turned eighteen. So the love for the brand runs in the family and spread to the clan of colleagues'.


Preventive switching

Manuport Logistics is fully conversant with hybrid driving and is already moving up a gear when it comes to electric driving. When we draw up tenders for large international clients, they ask us - quite rightly - about our efforts in the field of sustainable development goals. One of our answers is a 90% electric fleet by 2023. In this way, we will stay well ahead of the transition imposed by the government'.


Our people are given complete freedom within their car budget. Everyone is different, so why should we order 70 black or grey cars?


Whether the employees are ready for that? Certainly. It's just the next, logical step for them in our up-to-date fleet policy. The MINI Electric has spirit and is perfect for commuting to work and for a weekend at the seaside or in the Ardennes.


Driving business cards

Our people are given complete freedom, each within their own car budget. Everyone is different, so why order 70 black or grey cars? Our fleet is as individualistic as our team. Also in terms of stickers. The colours are matched to the driver's taste. The large slogan on the roof of the car and the playful waves of our logo on the rest of the bodywork came spontaneously. One of our colleagues wanted it. In the meantime, it has become a sport to think up the best striping. We also ordered a MINI Electric mosaic edition. The design, with Scottish windows, is by Stromae. Only 400 will be made.


You can't ask people to make the switch to electric without proper support.


Smooth facilitation is a must

You can't ask people to make the switch to electric without proper support. Our two pioneers, Marketing & Communication manager Wietse Aerden and Teamleader Aldo De Clerq, already know the way and can answer internal questions. In addition, Alphabet, the loyal mobility solutions partner of our parent company Euroports Group, is ready to assist. Our car park is already equipped with 22 charging stations. In the near future, every employee will have a charging installation at home. Everyone will receive a charging card that can be used at public charging points en route if necessary as well. 

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