MPL is confident and proud to nominate Christophe Kokken as a contestant for the Rookie Of The Year Awards

The annual Flows Logistics Rookie of the Year award gives our industry's young talents a wide forum. Each year MPL selects one candidate, this year: Christophe Kokken.

Manuport logisticsManuport logistics

Can you tell a bit more about your job at Manuport Logistics (MPL)?

"Since January 2021, I have been working as a freight forwarding systems coordinator. I am jointly responsible for managing our main software program 'Logiqstar'. This is an all-in-one package with which our forwarders work both in the Antwerp headquarters and internationally. All operational actions are carried out in this system. I organize training for both current and new colleagues on how to work with the program so that they can do their job more efficiently. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge. This way I make my colleagues' (work) life a little easier after all." 

"In addition, I am responsible for building a new customer portal by setting up EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connections, among other things," he continues. "By optimizing business flows and providing a one-stop-shop solution, we make it easier for our customers to forward bookings. Since Logiqstar is also completely in-house, we can be short on time and implement improvements quickly and smoothly."

What education did you have?

"I obtained a master's degree in applied economic sciences (TEW) with major Transport & Logistics at the University of Antwerp."

Why did Manuport Logistics select you to compete for the Flows Logistics Rookie of the Year?

"My supervisor calls me the 'Swiss knife' of Manuport Logistics because of my versatility. Not only do I take care of the forwarding program, but I am also assigned as a mentor to teach my colleagues in it. This requires both organizational and communication skills. I assist my colleagues when needed and am quick to respond when someone has a question."

How do you rate peers' interest in a job in the maritime/logistics industry?

"I notice that interest among my peers is quite low. I notice this especially when I go to a sector event. Usually, I am one of the few young people there, and this while there are a huge number of opportunities. I am convinced that those who show interest will definitely do well in the sector."

What does your dream job look like?

"In the long run, I would like to pursue a more international position and further commit to our education and training programs. For example, we would like to establish a 'Manuport Academy.' We would then provide not only technical training but also training on forwarding itself. In this way, we can support our colleagues even better with targeted subjects that fit their jobs and also attract school leavers to bring them the right knowledge in-house. With the current tight labor market, I think this is the right direction."

What would it mean to you should you win the Rookie Award?

"It would not only be a stepping stone in my career but also create the opportunity to get other people excited about the maritime and logistics industry. I'm always excited to share my knowledge and experience and bring our industry out even more."

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