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Road Freight with Manuport Road Transport (MRT)

Sep 2019
2 minutes
Road transport will always remain crucial in the logistics sector. In the so-called ‘last mile’, road freight logistics has a significant role to play. The benefits of road freight transport are obvious; in comparison to other modes of transport it is reliable, flexible and fast. Road transport makes it possible to guarantee a just-in-time service.

Our Manuport service

Speed and quality are essential in our business. After your ‘go’, we get to work by collecting all the data and permits, contacting our partners, checking the availability of loading docks, and more. Our huge network all over Europe makes a real difference. We have 50 logistics experts in Europe, dozens of trustworthy partners and an ironclad reputation.


The benefits of Manuports Road Transport services:

  1. We are one of the largest road freight logistics providers in Belgium. This allows us to offer a great variety of services, products and destinations, thus becoming a true all-round logistics partner for your company.
  2. We can rely on a myriad of assets, such as warehouses, transport partners and logistics experts, which guarantees a fluent service. The benefits of being one of the best in the business!
  3. We have two offices in Belgium, both with different focal points: packed goods and bulk goods. In total, our Belgian road freight logistics team has over 30 employees. In our French and Spanish offices, we have an additional 20 road freight transport specialists.
  4. Manuport Road Transport houses a team of logistics specialists who understand the needs of every market. They are jacks of all trades who never lose sight of the bigger picture.
  5. For some European countries we can even provide intermodal transport (road freight transport as one part of the entire journey, for example by combining it with train transport) for both LTL and FTL shipments.


Interested? Let’s talk!

Which destinations does Manuport Road Transport arrange shipments to?

All of our offices manage the transportation of goods to any destination in Europe. Our teams are divided into four branches, each with their own specialties and preferred destinations.


What kind of goods does Manuport Road Transport carry?

We rarely say no to a challenge! We take on palletised goods, paper, fertilisers, granulates, aluminium and even goods in bulk.

Are you interested in what commodities we ship? Make sure to click here.


Can we outsource our entire logistics operation to Manuport?

Yes, you can! We handle the dossiers of many customers who are willing to outsource their entire logistics operation. This allows them to focus on their core business.


Which certifications does Manuport Road Transport hold?

We have all the standard certifications on our wall as a constant reminder of the pedigree we have built:

  • ISO 9001 for road freight logistics
  • FCA for food and fertilisers
  • AOR accreditation

These certificates allow us to operate in a high-quality and sustainable framework, only using trustworthy partners and guaranteeing high service levels to every client.

We have no issue transporting waste or even ADR goods (e.g. dangerous goods such as oxidising agents, flammable substances or toxic chemicals). We comply to all relevant regulations in these niches.

Other than that, we use the traditional documents:

  • CMR document, signed by the sending party, the driver and the receiving party
  • Packing list

Interested in working with Manuport Road Transport? We would love to make your ideas into reality! Get in touch!


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