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Manuport Logistics tackles scarcity with own container fleet

Apr 2021
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Manuport Logistics is proactively tackling container scarcity on the international market. We invest in our own container fleet and will expand in the upcoming months.


We are happy to announce that MPL (Manuport Logistics) has its own container fleet! In the upcoming months, the fleet will further expand.
With the new container fleet, we can guarantee stability to our customers during these times of container shortages.

The container fleet at Manuport Logistics currently consists of twenty 40-foot containers and a few smaller 20-foot containers. The 40-footers have a deep blue colour and white lettering, the 20-footers have the colour scheme reversed. The containers are delivered by CBOX Containers Belgium. 

These containers will initially be used for the traffic between Antwerp and the Russian branch of Manuport Logistics in Saint Petersburg. Although the containers can be used for other services in the future.




If you have any questions regarding our newest container fleet please contact us. Contact



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