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Manuport Logistics and Heylen Ceramics, team up to reduce the carbon footprint!

Recently Manuport Logistics organized door-to-door brick transport from the brick factory in the Netherlands to the construction site in Bru...
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Sep 2020
0 minutes

Supporting local economies: Belgian fries

The re-vamping of our economies needs to go hand-in-hand with the new Covid19 reality. With some out of the box thinking, it is possible to...
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Jun 2020
0 minutes

MPL aan boord bij blockchaintoepassing MSC

Manuport Logistics en Van Moer stappen over naar de nieuwe Secure Container Release-applicatie van MSC Belgium. De rederij nam het voortouw...
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May 2020
3 minutes

Manuport Logistics partners with Logit One

By launching an end-to-end (E2E) supply chain visibility project in partnership with Logit One, Manuport Logistics proves its ambition to of...
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Apr 2020
2 minutes

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