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Market Situation – Container flows - October/November

In order to keep some overview, we have broken this update down into geographical regions. Although not all trades are in the report, simil...
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Dec 2022
5 minutes

Manuport Logistics acquires Cargolândia Portugal

We are proud to announce that Cargolândia Portugal is, as of today, part of the Manuport Logistics (MPL) Group. Thanks to this acquisition,...
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Dec 2022
0 minutes

Manuport Road Transport France

Manuport Road Transport France is specialized in transporting goods by road. We transport your cargo locally and internationally, from A to...
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Nov 2022
2 minutes

Market situation - container flows - September

Update September ‘22 In order to keep some overview, we have broken it down in several segments covering different areas worldwide. Althou...
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Oct 2022
6 minutes

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