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Market Situation - Container flows - update XII

Blogpost October '21 In order to keep some overview, we tried to break it down into several segments covering different areas worldwide. Alt...
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Oct 2021
7 minutes

Manuport Logistics connects Belgium and Brazil with own direct shipping service

Manuport Logistics (MPL) has established a shipping service between Antwerp-West (Belgium) and Santos (Brazil). This is the first Manuport L...
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Oct 2021
1 minute

Manuport Logistics expands its global network by acquiring Mira Transport Services in Turkey

Manuport Logistics (MPL) is proud to announce the acquisition of Mira Transport Services. Mira is a perfect fit for MPL. It is a well-establ...
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Sep 2021
2 minutes

Market Situation - Container flows - update XI

Update August '21
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Aug 2021
13 minutes

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