The Journey of Manuport Logistics Spain: Growth, Challenges, and Successes

Manuport Logistics has just completed a year of consolidation in Spain, during which the teams were integrated. It is now about to open new offices in Valencia and plans to open offices in Alicante and Algeciras.

Manuport logisticsManuport logistics

It was just over two years ago that Manuport Logistics began its firm commitment to Spain. What is the group’s current situation in our country?

Last year saw the consolidation of the teams, which came from three different companies and are now located in five different work centers in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, and Paterna, where we manage 20,000 square meters of warehouses. We worked continuously throughout 2023 on optimizing resources and managed to start 2024 with a very cohesive team, with greater strength and eager to take on new challenges.

With regard to Valencia, we will soon be opening our new headquarters, located at Calle Doctor J.J. Dómine, number 6, with 750 square meters of completely renovated facilities, including showers to facilitate the practice of sports breaks we have during the working day, as well as space to store and recharge electric scooters and bicycles, to encourage the use of a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport.

One year on, the group chose Valencia to establish the Spanish headquarters of its new subsidiary, Manuport Road Transport. How has this subsidiary evolved and what is its specialization? What facilities do you have in Paterna (Valencia)?

MRT Spain specializes in international land transport and started managing traffic (to and from Spain) for regular clients of the group. It currently has a team of four people and continues to grow in both national and international transport, establishing regular routes with various European countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Manuport logistics

Shortly afterwards, you opened offices in Murcia. Are there plans to continue expansion within Murcia and in other locations?

The Murcia office is an office specialized in food import and export traffic, mainly refrigerated cargo, and we believe that we have a lot of potential to continue growing in this niche market over the next few years.

In addition, we plan to open a new office in Alicante this month and in Algeciras before the end of this year.

In any case, from the group's structure in Spain, what assessment do you have of the year 2023?

The balance is entirely positive, since, as we have already mentioned, for us 2023 was a year of consolidation of the various teams, which allows us to start 2024 with a much stronger and more prepared structure.

And what are your expectations for 2024, which began in such a turbulent way? 

Expectations are very high. We are entering businesses in which we were not previously present, and we feel very strongly about entering and competing in new markets. Manuport Logistics continues to grow spectacularly worldwide (we already have our own offices in 25 countries) and very good synergies are being created, which will certainly help us to continue growing in Spain.

What do you see as the differentiating element and competitive advantage offered by Manuport Logistics?

 When Manuport Logistics starts its activity in a new country, it seeks to partner with a local company and chooses to keep the teams that make up that company in the new organization, and so they are committed to consolidating and growing the business of the integrated company. We could say that, unlike other multinationals, Manuport Logistics likes to keep the local DNA and therefore opts for the formula of having a partner in that new country.

In addition, corporate business is brought in, and synergies are created with the different offices around the world, which helps to achieve a fairly rapid and balanced growth, supported by the great financial strength that the group brings. It is worth remembering that Manuport Logistics is the Freight Forwarder of the Euroports Group, which has fifty port terminals worldwide, two of them in Spain (Tarragona and Seville).

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Manuport logistics

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