Freight Forwarder

Your mentality as a forwarder at MPL? Zero Bullshit! You put every transport request in order operationally and administratively. This way, you make sure that all cargo gets smoothly from its point of departure to its destination. Issues along the way? For the customer you are happy to go to the extremes. No stress, at MPL you are never alone, you always have a team behind you with recognition from above. Dare to be different, but above all: be yourself.

Manuport logisticsManuport logistics


MPL is proud to be different. Different from others. We challenge ourselves so that we can become the best version. We look for creative solutions to transport the customer's resources expertly from A to B. Whatever we undertake is always as a team, with appreciation for the people doing all that work. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.


As a forwarder you dare to take all worries out of the customer's hands. You coordinate every step of the process, from start to finish. From booking with the shipping company to possible contact with customs, all over the world. A logistical problem? You solve it.

You are someone with drive, who can and wants to ride the wave of our sector. Multitasking comes in handy, hands-on from one task to another, switching is no problem for you. Your work is always customer-oriented. The customer appreciates your hard work to keep everything running smoothly. In addition, we expect:

  • Experience or knowledge in forwarding: you already know about transport, customs and who to contact in the sector.  

  • Language skills: Dutch and English are a must. Other languages are nice to have.

  • Technical insight: Knowledge of transport modes, supply chain management, incoterms, transport software, packaging and labeling, risk management 

  • Digital skills: Outlook, Windows Programs, Word & Excel


Empowering people in a sustainable & enthusiastic culture to provide logistics services in a different way.  A strong quote to where we strive within MPL. Our employees work at a brisk pace, we know. That's why we invest heavily in their benefits and development.

Personal development
  • A modern, dynamic and professional working environment with the opportunity to develop your talents

  • An online training platform 

  • The chance to grow further within your position, or another position, international or otherwise.


Interested in a challenging role as MPL’s new Freight Forwarder? Be sure to send your resume and motivation letter by clicking below.

Manuport logistics

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