We work for several large fertilizer producers and traders, distributing their products all over the world. You can benefit from a specialized fertilizer terminal with large storage capacity, which can be used for bulk, big bags, and pallets. We benefit from perfect accessibility to road, rail, and waterways.

Manuport logisticsManuport logistics

Agricultural Transportation

The importance of transportation in agriculture cannot be underestimated. Fertilizers need to reach their destination swiftly and securely, to keep your operations running smoothly. As a B2B logistics provider, we guarantee meticulous care during agricultural transportation, always tailoring the transportation plan to your business needs.

From bulk to packed goods, our dedicated partners ensure your goods get the right packaging – no matter the weight. We also have the necessary permits and certifications to manage hazardous materials and adhere to regulations diligently.

Whether you need to ship fertilizers locally or internationally, our team is equipped to handle all your agricultural transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about our logistics solutions and how we can help your business.

Manuport logistics

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Manuport logistics

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