Flooring has been one of our core competences for decades. Today there are production sites worldwide, and because we are a Global Flooring Forwarder with our own offices across the world we can give full customer support thanks to our advanced Customer Portal.

Manuport logisticsManuport logistics

Sustainable Global Flooring Solutions

Flooring has a long history in Flanders, dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. Manuport Logistics has been working for and with the flooring industry for decades, serving both market leaders and smaller entrepreneurs on a global scale. We have become the leading forwarder in the flooring industry, providing our customers with specialized solutions.

Our customers choose us for our full-service package. We assist them with all supply aspects, ranging from the production of raw materials and intermediate goods right up to the distribution of perfectly finished floor coverings.

We help in delivering their strategy, optimizing their processes, and coordinating their entire flow, using our unique digital tools. In collaboration with our own offices and agents, all flows worldwide are centrally managed via our control tower.

Dreaming of becoming a 5PL (Five Party Logistics) partner, Manuport Logistics stands for efficient and sustainable transport solutions, by setting up tailored container transport organizations. In 2015, we pioneered an inland hub concept for one of our major customers, allowing them to reduce their reliance on trucking by enabling transportation via the waterway. The barges connect River Terminal Wielsbeke (RTW) with the Port of Antwerp.

The company's container-transport-related CO2 emissions were reduced by 36% in 2017, and are scheduled to achieve a further 55% reduction in the coming years. Whereas previously all containers went by road, today more than 50% of the stream is transported via barge. We have developed RTW into a global inland hub, connecting our customers with all major shipping routes and destinations around the world.

Manuport logistics
Manuport logistics

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Manuport logistics

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