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Manuport logisticsManuport logistics

Our Specialized Liquids Division

Having your goods transported in the shortest time possible, at the lowest cost possible, and in the best and safest conditions possible: this is what logistics is all about for Manuport Liquids. Working independently and with great transparency, we have the flexibility needed to operate quickly, and cost-effectively.

Manuport Liquids is the specialized division within the Manuport Group that handles the shipping of all kinds of liquid products. Together with our customers, we seek the best solutions. This can be flexitanks, ISO tank containers, and/or drums or IBCs. Shipping bulk liquids in drums or ISO tank containers is often considered rather expensive for non-hazardous products. Manuport Logistics can offer you a worthy, competitive alternative, which is flexitanks.

Manuport logistics

Flexitanks & ISO Tanks

Manuport Liquids' flexitanks offering is a unique combination of high quality, excellent service, and expertise in operating procedures.

It is not our intention to only deliver the flexitanks; we want to create the best possible environment for the tanks, in order to guarantee the safe handling of customers' cargo. This service includes the supply of the flexitanks, the fitting of these tanks in 20’ containers, pre-carriage, and ocean freight. Next to this, Manuport Liquids offers its customers insurance, and assistance at the loading and unloading sites. All the extra services, executed by a highly skilled workforce, make Manuport Liquids' flexitank deliveries a unique system in the freight forwarding industry.

The flexitanks are procured exclusively from suppliers that are PAS1008-approved (a specification for the manufacturing and testing of single-use flexitanks), and fitting cross pumping is solely outsourced to approved operators, who are audited on a regular basis.

Manuport logistics


Liquids Services

Manuport logistics
Packed & Packing
  • DV Shipments

  • Sampling

  • Small Packs Filling

  • Drumming / IBC Filling

Manuport logistics
  • Tank storage & Blending

  • Short-/Long-Term Lease

  • Stock Product

  • Facilitating Export

Manuport logistics
Flexitank Fitting & Supply
  • Own fitting stations

  • Supply of flexitanks

  • Global Fitting Network

  • Training Program and Assistance

  • Operating Manual and Risk Assessment Matrix

Liquids we transport.

The list is dependent on the type of flexitank used. It is a non-exhaustive list; we can handle each and every product using our multimodal logistics solutions.

Manuport logistics
Food & beverages
  • Olive Oil

  • Linseed Oil

  • Rapeseed Oil

  • Fish Oil

  • Water

  • Wine

  • Fruit Juice Concentrates

Manuport logistics
Industrial Oils
  • Transformer Oil

  • Base Oil

  • Process Oil

  • Tire Oil

  • Lubricants

  • Brake Fluids

  • Drilling Lubes

Manuport logistics
  • MEG

  • DEG

  • TEG

  • PEG

  • Polyols

  • Fatty Acids

  • Lactic Acid

Manuport Liquids.

Connecting continents, crafting solutions – your global requests, our local expertise worldwide.

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Manuport logistics

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