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At Manuport Logistics, we ship a wide range of commodities every single day. Liquids, consumer goods, renewables, foods, minerals, ... The list goes on and on. Whatever the size, quantity, or fragility of your goods, we'll handle your custom commodity transport with utmost care and attention.

Manuport logistics


In our specialised Liquids Division, we assist our customers in the full handling of their liquid logistics.
Manuport logistics
Specialized Liquids Division
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Case Chemicals


Both frozen and temperature-controlled food products are handled by our specialized team. We have storage facilities available both within and outside the Euroports Group

Manuport logistics


We provide end-to-end logistic services of wood, wood pulp and paper. This includes transport, stuffing, all freight types, documentation and delivery to the destination.

Manuport logistics


We have more than 40 years of experience in the management of both import and export flows of building and automotive glass. We take care of the coordination and assist you with your projects.

Manuport logistics

Consumer goods

Manuport Logistics is your go-to expert for the shipping and handling of your consumer goods. We handle the entire logistics journey, from pre-carriages to all freight types and document management, whether it's hazardous or non-hazardous cargo. Our team excels in providing intelligent solutions specific to both your local and global requirements.

Manuport logistics

Project cargo

We excel in handling unique and oversized cargo, including international transport of windmill parts.  This includes the pick-up in factories overseas, sea transport, on-carriage and delivery to the production line. Any oversized or special cargo can be moved by our expert team.

Manuport logistics


Thanks to our many years of experience working for the mining industry, we are able to guarantee our clients the best logistics solutions when it comes to the transportation of minerals.

Manuport logistics

Building Materials

We’re your trusted partner for all your building materials logistics needs. We seamlessly manage the entire logistics process, covering pre-carriages, all freight types and document handling. Our expertise lies in crafting efficient solutions to all your demands.

Manuport logistics


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A fully transparent logistics flow.

Manuport logistics

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